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Junk Yard | JOHN'S U-PULL U-SAVE | Twin Falls, ID | 2085951235

JOHN’S U-PULL U-SAVE is the most reliable junk yard in Twin Falls, ID. Our enormous automobile junk yard is jam-packed with salvaged cars. From Acura to Mitsubishi, we are dedicated to stocking our junk yard with a variety of vehicles where customers are sure to find the auto part they need.

Do not go to a dealership or retail store where they treat you like an ATM. You deserve better than that. Come to our pick a part junk yard where you can save an extraordinary amount of money.

Our pull your own parts yard is truly a unique experience. If you have never been here, get ready to have your mind blown. When we say we have a massive amount of salvage vehicles lined up for you to shop from, we mean it. Our yard is filled with rows and rows of cars that stretch deep into our lot. It may take a second to absorb what you are seeing, but once you settle in, go ahead and check out the many options our junk yard offers.

It may be overwhelming to look through our endless options of salvageable cars to find the part you are looking for, so feel free to ask one of our friendly employees to help you narrow down the search. They know our junk yard very well and will quickly direct you to a vehicle containing the part you need.

JOHN’S U-PULL U-SAVE has many makes, models and years of cars, trucks and SUV's to choose from. Get a hold of one of our staff members today to learn more about our outstanding selection of used auto parts.

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